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Monday, July 23, 2012

Brined Broiled Shrimp? Yeah Baby!

Everybody love's shrimp, and lord knows how many ways we've cooked em over the years. My favorites: Maryland steamed, grilled, boiled.  But I saw one way of cooking them that made me say I HAVE to try this......Brined and Broiled?.....who would have thunk that?  It's how the LoosyAnna shrimpers cook em.  I was totally surprised how succulent they were.  I made a big batch the other day for shrimp cocktails, and shrimp Po-Boy's.  I don't get many compliments about my cookin from Miss Mikki, but she said the shrimp  and Po-Boys were the best shrimp she ever ate, and she lived in Pascagoula MissSippi for a while. YIKES! I have a guy that brings the shrimp direct from the gulf, never frozen.  I did hear that if you can't get fresh, then buy them frozen, never from the fish case at the store....stinky.

1 pound of shell-on raw shrimp
1 Tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Old Bay Seasoning (I didn't use my Slap Yo Momma Cajun Spice on this one.)

For the Brine:

1/4 cup of Kosher salt
1/4 cup of water
2 cups of ice

Clean the Shrimp! Take your time folks; have a big glass of cold white wine and savor life.  I have a shrimp cleaner thingy, but if you don't, run a small knife tip down their  backs starting from right in front under the shell. Open and pull out the do-doo string under gentle cold running water.  Leave the shells on.

Place the shrimp in the bowl of brine and refrigerate for 20-30 minutes. (Stir the brine up as you add the shrimp.)  Remove from brine and dry them well. (I use a kitchen towel.) Put em in a big mixing bowl and add the EVOO and sprinkle Old Bay on em. Mix em up well.  Let em sit, and start your broiler on high. Cover a cookie sheet pan with aluminum foil and put in the broiler to heat up well.  Take out of oven and place your shrimp on.  Spread em out evenly and put back in the broiler for 2 MINUETS! Yes 2 minuets!  Pull out the pan, turn the shrimps over with tongs and then broil for 1 MORE MINUET!  Yep, one minute!  Pull from broiler and put shrimp on a cold sheet pan for Shrimp Cocktail.  (I put one in the fridge.) Or, eat em hot with more Old Bay; melted butter with LoosyAnna hot sauce n Worcestershire sauce. For the Po-Boy I made my own fresh remoulade sauce and a special garlic butter for the toasted Po-Boy bread. Grated Iceberg lettuce, and succulent fresh backyard tomatoes. Mmm Mmmm Good!  Put on some good Zydeco music and as usual, wash it down with some more of that cold crisp white wine. Yee Haaa!  Then take a lil nappy.

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  1. Well.....this post make me want to have a nice cold glass of wine and savor life! I love it!